We are specialists in training and development research, analysis, and instructional design.

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Needs Analyses

As far as we are concerned, providing training and development without having first established a need is not a wise move.

At a minimum, defining competences and profiling the target audience should be a pre-requisite for any training and development provision.

For training and development to be cost-effective it must meet the needs of the organisation. Needs Analyses are therefore the first stage in this process.

ELS staff have well-developed research skills and considerable experience in this area which guarantee that the time and effort spent is used to maximum effect.

Training Design

Training Design

High quality training design, delivered on time and within budget, is the bedrock on which ELS is founded.

All ELS work is based on a systematic approach to ensure the delivery of cost-effective solutions.

ELS staff are not used to putting the 'cart before the horse' or to taking inadvisable short-cuts.

By using a combination of research expertise, appropriate analytical approaches, and instructional design skills, we ensure that all work undertaken is always fit for its purpose.



Today e-Learning is a powerful and cost-effective medium by which to deliver training. The use of e-Learning is not just limited to IT training.

Through a combination of text, audio, graphics, animation, and video, a whole range of knowledge and skill needs can be addressed.

By working with other suppliers of e-Learning, ELS has the ability to design e-Learning solutions to run on a variety of systems, using different authoring languages, and for delivery to suit the client, for example via CD-ROM or an intranet.

Open and Distance Learning

Providing training and development at the right time and in the right place can be a major problem for many organisations.

Open and distance learning, which can be delivered in a number of different ways, allows staff access to what they need when they need it.

ELS is able to design and deliver both open and distance learning, using a variety of different media, to suit the needs of both the organisation and its staff.


As most people equate learning with achievement, providing feedback on progress and the mastery of learning objectives is an important part of all training and development solutions.

Line managers, supervisors, coaches, etc. also find assessment data to be an invaluable source of information, helping them to perform their roles more effectively.

ELS will design valid and reliable assessment tests, selecting from a variety of different forms of assessment items, in order to measure individuals' progress and mastery of key objectives.



Many training and development functions face a growing pressure to justify the spend on training.

The evaluation of training continues to be an issue, the satisfaction of which often requires the involvement of external experts to overcome a lack of suitable internal resources and to provide essential objectivity.

ELS staff have worked in the area of evaluation for many years and have undertaken a considerable amount of work, some of which has also involved evaluating new working processes and procedures.